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Must read for each responsible catholic Madrid Visitor and to act.- engl/ital. – BBC

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Irlanda tutta la pedofilia della Chiesa cattolica (Anticlericaledotnet) « Chiesa e pedofilia

Below is video/transcript of CNN’s coverage of the story I wrote about Friday: A report investigating three decades of the Dublin Diocese found that the diocese colluded with police to cover up sex crimes committed by priests, even after the Church had acknowledged the problem and was publicly stating its resolve to confront the institutional failings that facilitated the endemic abuse.

I was struck by two things in this report: One, the poignant truth of survivor Andrew Madden’s observation that the report, and its truth, is the closest thing to justice that many of the survivors of sexual assault by coddled priests will ever have. And two, the fact that the current Archbishop of Dublin doesn’t even come close to making any promise that such a thing will never happen again. There are apologies, yes. But an apology for a chosen course (as opposed to an apology for an accident, like stepping on a toe) is meaningless without resolve to make certain that the thing for which one is apologizing will not happen again in the future.

This was no accident. This was a deliberate and carefully orchestrated strategy to conceal the abuse of children. The archbishop cannot guarantee that no priest will ever abuse another child, but he sure as hell can guarantee that no known crimes committed by a priest in his diocese will be hidden by the Church again on his watch, that he will not actively seek to collude with the police to conceal sex crimes. 

How fucking dare he even say he’s sorry, without a promise he will do everything he can to ensure it will never, ever, happen again—with nothing but a polite request to “the priests of the diocese and the Parish Pastoral Councils to ensure that the wide reaching measures introduced into our parishes and organizations regarding the safeguarding of children are rigorously observed and constantly verified and updated.” How veryformal.

I’d be more impressed if he’d stop being so goddamn sorrowful and showed a little righteous fucking anger. I frankly don’t trust anyone in a position of power who doesn’t get visibly, demonstrably angry on behalf of the people who have been victimized by that power. Even Jesus got pissed—and over far less important shit than this.

And, for the record, I’ve known Catholic priests (those wacky Jesuits again!) who were good and goddamned pissed about this stuff, too. As anyone who really understands the scope and gravity of this conspiracy should be. Sue Saville, ITN Reporter, in voiceover: Cover-up, connivance, concealment were found in the Catholic Church and in its relationship with the authorities who should have been investigating allegations of child abuse. The Church was seen as being above the law, putting its own reputation before the protection of children, and being allowed to continue unchecked by a state fearful of scandal. The report covering thirty years in the diocese of Dublin found that four archbishops did not hand over information on abusers. One priest has admitted sexually abusing more than a hundred children. Some of those abused by priests gave their reactions to the report.  Andrew Madden, Survivor: This report is a shocking indictment on the Catholic Church and Dublin. Its publication may bring closure for some victims; it may also serve as the only justice some victims ever receive. But its publication, if not acted upon, will have been a wasted opportunity to raise standards of child protection in this country.  Marie Collins, Survivor: The institution came before the welfare of the children of this country, and all their denials are now proved to be false.  Saville, in voiceover: The Irish government has promised to bring pedophile priests to justice for these shocking crimes.  Dermot Ahern, Irish Minister of Justice: —as I read it, I felt a growing sense of revulsion and anger. Revulsion at the horrible, evil acts committed against young children. Anger at how those children were then dealt with, and how often abusers were left free to abuse.  Saville, in voiceover: The current archbishop of Dublin responded for the Catholic Church.  Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin: I offer to each and every survivor my apology, my sorrow, and my shame for what happened. But I’m aware that no words of apology will ever be sufficient.  Saville, in voiceover: The Irish police say they’re deeply sorry for failing to protect children. The reputation of the Catholic Church in Ireland has been severely shaken. Sue Saville, ITV News. (Fonte: Anticlericaledotnet)


Benedikt XVI absolutistisch: „Katholischer Radikalismus sofort, Laizismus aufs Schafott“

Der „Demokrat“ Benedikt XVI provoziert absolutistisch: „Katholischer Radikalismus sofort , Laizismus aufs Schafott“

Minuten Online – Der Papst brachte keine Friedensbotschaft – Kreuz und Quer

Benedikt fordert „Radikalen Fundamentalismus“ bei seinen Christen ein. Er denkt insbesondere an die Truppen der katholischen Kirche, den Opus Dei, die Piusbrüder sowie die Legionäre Christi und deren Untergraben demokratischer, aufgeklärter Strukturen säkularer Staatswesens.
Doch in seiner Rede äusserte das Kirchenoberhaupt fast schon „heuchlerisch“ harsche Kritik an «den Formen des radikalen Laizismus und einer wachsenden Intoleranz gegenüber Christen». Das Verbot von christlichen Symbolen sei eine Verfolgung gläubiger Jugendlicher: «Im öffentlichen Leben werden ihnen die Zeichen seiner (Christi) Gegenwart genommen, sogar sein heiliger Name wird verschwiegen», merkte er kritisch an.

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