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    Kirche heute, 2.Jan. 2012

  • Bischof: „Kirchenrecht steht über den Menschenrechten“
  • Daniel Cohn-Bendit: „Wir Europäer haben die Ressource der Aufklärung“
  • Papst fordert einen neuen „christlichen“ Humanismus
  • Kriminelle Kleriker in Niederlanden
  • Aktuelle Datenbank öffentlich angeklagter 3600 Priester
  • Ledige bibeltreue Christen haben gleich viel Sex wie Atheisten
  • Vatikan: Eigene Struktur für Übertrittswillige in USA
  • Kardinaler Blödsinn: Der Glaube verbindet die Völker
  • Der große Betrug der westlichen Kirche | Leonardo Tondelli
  • Der Papst und die christlichen Eiferer: Jugend zu neuer Friedenskultur erziehen
  • Kardinal Lehmann: „Hohe Staatsschulden Ausdruck von Habsucht“
  • Städte rehabilitieren Opfer von Hexenprozessen
  • Religious Holidays 2012: An Interfaith Calendar
  • 96 Percent of Children Who Report Sexual Abuse Are Telling the Truth
  • Diocese seeking to defrock city priest
  • Northern Cheyenne woman accuses Montana priest of sexual assault in lawsuit
  • August brings justice to victims of priestly sexual abuse
  • Verona: 200.000 euro per le chiese e per “fratelli e sorelle laici canossiani”
  • La grande truffa della Chiesa d’Occidente
  • Olanda, decine di migliaia di bambini abusati da preti
  • Lettera a un circolo ARCI contro la presenza di crocifisso e presepe
  • Benoît XVI, personnalité étrangère préférée des Américains
  • Papophobie : Paris-Match à la manoeuvre
  • Schleichende Kristallnacht der Anschläge auf Moscheen in Deutschland – Telepolis
  • BKA Deutschland verweigert Statistik zu zunehmenden Moscheebränden – ARD
  • Christlicher Rechtsterror Die Einschläge nähern sich Dieter Althaus (CDU) und seiner mysteriösen Boygroup mit Helmut Roewer

    Kirche heute, 2.Jan. 2012


Aktuelle Datenbank öffentlich angeklagter 3600 Priester

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Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States  –

We now post an astounding 160,000 pages of documents, articles, and reports. Our Abuse Tracker provided its crucial round-up of breaking abuse stories every day during 2011. We added over 150 names to our Database of Accused US Priests. The most visited feature on our web site, the database now has information on 3,600 accused clerics.


Particular projects at that improved accountability and transparency in the ongoing Catholic abuse crisis include:

Boston — Our advocacy and the data on our site forced Cardinal O’Malley to release a list of 159 accused priests; our database and the files that support it were fundamental to the Boston Globe’s devastating critique of O’Malley’s list. See also our list of 276 accused priests who worked in Boston, and our linked inventory of the lists of accused priests released by 24 U.S. bishops.

Philadelphia — In February, the District Attorney of Philadelphia indicted three priests and a teacher for child rape and a top-ranking archdiocesan official for child endangerment. provides the best access to the massive 2005 Philadelphia grand jury report, which provided the groundwork for the 2011 grand jury report and indictment. We also provide the little-known 2003 grand jury report; the testimony of Cardinal Bevilacqua, also released in 2011; and the indictment of Rev. Charles Newman OFM.

Europe — In addition to all the Irish reports and coverage of breaking news in Ireland, we have posted useful features such as the definitive text, available nowhere else, of the Irish Prime Minister’s speech on the Cloyne report, and the notorious 1997 Storero and 2001 Castrillon Hoyos letters.

Scope of the Problem — We compiled data showing that the real percentage of priests accused of child sexual abuse is 10%, not 4% as is claimed by the Church, or less 1%, as then-Cardinal Ratzinger claimed as recently as December 2002.

International Criminal Filing — Our archive provided most of the 20,000 pages of evidence filed in the case with the International Criminal Court at The Hague by the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Los Angeles — We posted a detailed examination, with links to documents, of a senior Sacred Hearts priest, Rev. Martin O’Loghlen SSCC, who in 1996 had admitted to his religious order that he had sexually abused a girl, but was still in ministery in early 2011, and after his confession had even worked on the Los Angeles archdiocesan Review Board for sexual abuse cases. Our webpage provided evidence that O’Loghlan had been moved to the Philippines, where he was pastor of a huge parish, during the Los Angeles SOL window and the litigation and settlement there.

Chicago — We posted a history of the case of Rev. Donald McGuire SJ with photographs and links to documents, laying out the very early notice that Jesuit leaders had received of McGuire’s crimes.

Louisville — We posted documents from the Louisville archdiocese that showed how much the late Archbishop Kelly knew about sexual abuse crimes committed by his priests.

Major Reports — Our reports page is the best source of reports on the ongoing Catholic abuse crisis, including these 2011 reports:

* Report of the Grand Jury, dated January 21, 2011, released February 10, 2011; see alsocriminal charges [Philadelphia archdiocese]

* USCCB Reports on the Implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, 2010 (dated March 2011, but released April 2011)

* Maeve O’Rourke, Submission to the United Nations Committee Against Torture, 46th Session, prepared by Justice for Magdalenes (May 2011)

* Karen Terry et al., The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950-2010 (May 18, 2011) with Errata

* Concluding Observations of the Committee against Torture: Ireland, Consideration of Reports submitted by States parties under article 19 of the Convention, United Nations Committee against Torture, Forty-sixth session (May 9-June 3, 2011)

* Judge Yvonne Murphy, Ms. Ita Mangan, and Mr. Hugh O’Neill, Report into the Diocese of Cloyne, Commission of Investigation, dated December 23, 2010, released July 13, 2011

* Reports of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church (NBSCCC), sponsored by the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, the Conference of Religious of Ireland, and the Irish Missionary Union, released November 30, 2011

– See also the 2008 Elliott report on the Cloyne diocese and the linked map of  Irish dioceses on the website of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference
– Ardagh and Clonmacnois diocese
– Derry diocese
– Dromore diocese
– Kilmore diocese
– Raphoe diocese
– Tuam archdiocese

In 2011, we also added the 1970 Kennedy report on Irish residential institutions, the Canadian Hughes report, Vol. 1 and 2, on the Irish Christian Brothers’ crimes at Mount Cashel in Newfoundland, and the Winter report, Vol. 1, 2, and Conclusions, on St. John’s archdiocese in Newfoundland.

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    Kirche heute, 1.Jan. 2012

  • Bei den Linken, SPD und FDP schaffte es der Laizismus ins „Parteiprogramm“
  • Zahl der evangelischen Kirchengemeinden sinkt
  • Experten: Rede vom Religions-Bedeutungsverlust „falsche These“
  • Tunesien vor der Wahl – Laizismus oder islamisch geprägter Staat
  • „Kirche ist kein Verein, wo man die Satzung ändern kann“
  • Es werde Licht TV – humanistisch fernsehen | A1 Open Society Award
  • Moderner Klingelbeutel: Monatlicher Dauerauftrag
  • Kirche sucht dringend ehrenamtliche Krankenhausseelsorger
  • In Philadelphia, The Shake-Up Begins at Home – Sell Archbishop’s Residence
  • Religion should be abolished? – Religion « Satyagraha
  • Is It Really Possible To Have ‘Biblical Morality’?
  • La laïcité est le seul système où les religions peuvent cohabiter
  • Église aujourd’hui, 31.Déc. 2011
  • Papophobie : Paris-Match à la manoeuvre
  • Religieux et délicat, est-ce possible ?
  • Rétrospective 2011 la tempête laïcité a balayé les musulmans de France
  • La pedofilia nella Chiesa Catholica – Piero Ricca
  • Chiesa oggi, 31.Dic. 2011

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