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Evangelikale Allianz beantwortet algerischen Bericht ‚dankbar‘ mit militärischem Mali-Kreuzzug

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Evangelikale Allianz beantwortet algerischen Bericht ‚dankbar‘ mit militärischem Mali-Kreuzzug

Islamic extremists have driven all Christians from northern Mali

Christians have been systematically driven out of northern Mali by Islamic extremists, a missionary priest report.

„In the north of Mali, all Christians were forced to flee,“ Father Laurent Balas, a White Fathers priest, told Aid to the Church in Need. Islamic militia groups have established a regime of Shari’a law in the region, he reports. Many Muslims, too, have fled to escape the extremists.

Many Christians have fled to the south of Mali, while others have found temporary shelter in refugee camps in neighboring countries. “It is very difficult to say how many there are,” Father Balas says.

In August L’Osservatore Romano estimated that 200,000 Christians from northern Mali had found their way to refugee camps in Algeria or Mauritania; that number has certainly grown.

Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano refered to „Algerian daily El Khabar„:

The alarm was sounded by the Algerian daily El Khabar which clearly described  how 200,000 people have taken refugee in camps largely in Mauritania and Algeria.

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