Startseite > Blogroll > Extrem-religiöser Präsident Bush veranlaßte den „NSA-Beichtstuhl“ – Washington Post

Extrem-religiöser Präsident Bush veranlaßte den „NSA-Beichtstuhl“ – Washington Post

Extrem-religiös evangelikaler Präsident Bush veranlaßte den  „NSA-Beichtstuhl“ – Washington Post

Bush Caved on NSA Surveillance After Top Officials Threatened to Resign – Truthdig.

Fears about the extent of National Security Agency surveillance—even within government—aren’t a new thing. According to a Washington Post report Saturday, some of the top intelligence and Justice Department officials who served during George W. Bush’s administration, including the man whom President Obama may tap to become the next head of the FBI, threatened to resign in March 2004 in response to learning that then-President Bush had ordered the NSA to begin collecting metadata on emails and Skype calls placed within the U.S.

Believing that that portion of the Bush administration’s sweeping domestic surveillance policy was unlawful, acting Attorney General James Comey and the Office of Legal Counsel’s Jack Goldsmith led the charge to end it. Comey, who is widely believed to be Obama’s nominee to become the next FBI director, ordered that the program be stopped. But when Bush went ahead and renewed it anyway, Comey, Goldsmith, FBI Director Robert Mueller and other administration officials all began drafting their resignation letters.

Their threats ultimately worked as Bush gave in, marking the beginning of the end for the intelligence-gathering program known as Stellar Wind. It was eventually replaced, however, with four others, including the current PRISM one.

Bush Caved on NSA Surveillance After Top Officials Threatened to Resign – Truthdig.

Religiös evangelikaler Präsident Busch veranlaßte den Beginn des „NSA-Beichtstuhls“ – Washington Post


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