Startseite > Blogroll > Liste aller angeklagten Priester amerikanischen Kindsmissbrauchs, veröffentlich durch Diözesen und Religiöse Institute | Observer / Guardian

Liste aller angeklagten Priester amerikanischen Kindsmissbrauchs, veröffentlich durch Diözesen und Religiöse Institute | Observer / Guardian

Liste aller angeklagten Priester amerikanischen Kindsmissbrauchs, veröffentlich durch Diözesen und Religiöse

USA:  Lists of Accused US Priests Released by Dioceses and Religious

 • Boston MA (we have cached the original main list posted on 8/25/11; the entire Publication With Respect to Archdiocesan Clergy Accused of Sexual Abuse of a Child as it existed on 1/9/13; and the 1/9/13 posting in its several parts: Cardinal O’Malley’s introductory letter, the main list of accused priests, a glossary, the list of priests whose allegations are considered by the archdiocese to be unsubstantiated, O’Malley’s letter to priests, and his letter to survivors)

Bridgeport CT (we have cached a copy of this press release) • Capuchins – Province of St. Joseph (we cached a copy of this list and of the relevant pages of the report; the list was included in Michael Burnett, Fr. Thomas Doyle, and Dr. James Freiburger, Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph [June 18, 2013]; a revised version of the report was created on 6/28/13, when a revised version of the executive summary was also created)

Chicago (updated at the same URL with no „revised on“ date and no indication of who has been added or what has been changed; see our cached copies of earlier versions; numbers in brackets indicate additions, subtractions, and current totals of priests with substantiated allegations: 3/20/06 [+15=55; see Falsani article for prior total]; 9/15/08 [+7=62]; 1/4/10 [+3–1=64]; 1/14/10 [+1=65]; 10/4/10 [same total as 1/14/10 but updated entries on Craig, Hagan, Hoder, Holihan, Huppenbauer, Kissane, Mayer, McCaffrey, and Weston]; 7/5/11 [same total as 10/4/10 but updated entries on Bowman, Flosi, Hoder, and Kissane]).

Cincinnati (we have cached a copy of this status report)

Davenport IA (this table has been updated periodically by the diocese; we have several cached versions: 7/14/08, 5/21/09, 7/6/12, and 11/2/12, as well as Bishop Franklin’s 2/25/04 report with our commentary; on August 21, 2012, the Bankruptcy Court ordered the diocese to add three new priests to its list; the diocese did its own investigation, and „found that the allegations were not substantiated by clear and convincing evidence, a more rigorous standard [than preponderance of the evidence] always utilized with deceased priests because they are not alive to defend themselves; the diocese listed the three priests separately on its site, in a file entitled Court-Ordered Listing, instead of including them in its List of Credible Allegations Against Priests, Brothers and Lay Employees; we have cached a 9/5/12 copy of the Court-Ordered Listing)

Detroit MI (we have cached the reformatted and updated status report as of 1/10/13, the 5/10 status report, and the 10/09 status report)

……..  More files

UK: Scottish bishops‘ secret sex abuse file handed over to police | UK news | The Observer.

A confidential file of letters from Scottish bishops detailing more than 20 secret abuse cases has been handed to police by a former safeguarding adviser to the Catholic church.

The intervention by Alan Draper, a former adviser to the Motherwell diocese, comes as the church attempts to draw a line under unfolding sex-abuse scandals by announcing a series of measures to be read at all masses this weekend on behalf of the Scottish bishops. However, describing the initiatives as a „charade“, Draper says it is time for criminal investigations and an independent Scottish government inquiry into sexual abuse in the church.

The letters, dating back to 1995, include every Scottish diocese. One bishop, who describes abuse against „two severely mentally-handicapped young female adults“, asks Draper to destroy his letter after reading it. Another refers to an abused child as a „young female parishioner“. while a 15-year-old boy is described as „sexually mature“.   ……


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