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Papst Franziskus: „Pädophile Priester sind Monster“

Papst Franziskus: „Pädophile Priester sind Monster“

Pope Francis: Pedophile Priests Are „Monsters“  –

Pope Francis wasted no time kicking off the New Year by labeling priestly pedophiles as “little monsters” according to a just released report of a meeting held in November.

Sex abuse scandals have plagued the Catholic Church for decades (centuries?) and the lack of action on the part of church officials has been a source of anger across the world. Rather than immediately handing known pedophiles over to the police, the “little monsters” were simply shuffled off to a new city or even country. There, they would continue to abuse children. It has been suggested that one of the reasons the Catholic Church has so many degenerates in it is because it shields, even enables, predators.

Because of this, the reputation of the Church has been seriously damaged over the years and the Pope has taken great strides to repair it. Pope Francis has already shaken the comfortable world of the religious right by openly condemning the pursuit of wealth and the harassment of homosexuals. He’s also taken on financial corruption. If he is serious about fixing the Church’s sexual abuse problem and not just fixing its public relations problem, Pope Francis may go down in history as the man who restored the Church’s moral clarity.  ……..

via Pope Francis: Pedophile Priests Are „Monsters“ –.



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