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Der Papst der Evangelikalen | OnFaith

Der Papst der Evangelikalen

Pope of the evangelicals | OnFaith.

Conservative Protestants have long viewed the head of the Catholic Church with suspicion. Why are they embracing Pope Francis?

Evangelikale BND-Ikone Merkel & Jesuit Bergoglio im Vatikan

Evangelikale BND-Ikone Merkel & Jesuit Bergoglio im Vatikan

In a post-secular world, and a post-Christian America, it seemed we might be past the time of towering faith figures and transnational, transcendent religious leaders. Enter Pope Francis—the pontiff formerly known as Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio—who is a religious rock star in a way many thought was impossible. Pope Francis has found a broad, welcoming audience in the United States, and American Catholics have found a new hope for their Church.

While evangelicals do not share Catholics’ interest in the flourishing of the Catholic Church, evangelicals still have a stake in his popularity and success. The rise of Pope Francis suggests to evangelicals that even in this new century, Christians can have a faithful presence and influence in American public life.

Francis’ popularity is driven by his pastoral, inclusive, and humble approach to the Pontificate. He has eschewed the worldly perks of some of his predecessors, opting for a simpler wardrobe and a less luxurious home and car. He has reached out to unexpected people: the Muslim girl whose feet he washed, the meetings and meals he has held with the homeless and those at the margins, his interview with atheist journalist Eugenio Scalfari, his encouragement to mothers to breastfeed in church, and his words of humility on the topic of gay priests.   ………..


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