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Der Papst stemmt sich gegen Kinder fickende Bischöfe -catholicregister

Geständnis der Heiligen Kirche: Weiterer niederländischer Bischof hat Kinder missbraucht
Pope to prelates:
no intrigues, no favouritism, no gossip  –
Pope Francis Pushes For Better Bishops, Demands Higher Standards  – huffpost

Pope Francis says Church needs better bishops

VATICAN CITY – In another strongly worded message to the Catholic hierarchy, Pope Francis told the Vatican body that vets nominees for bishops that they need to find him better candidates to send to dioceses around the world.

“To choose such ministers we all need to raise our sights, to move to a higher level,” Francis told the Congregation for Bishops, the critical department of the Roman Curia that acts as a clearinghouse for bishop nominees, Feb. 27. “We can’t do anything less, and we can’t be content with the bare minimum.”  …..

Francis must act faster on abuse issue national catholic reporter

On some counts, the U.N. report may have been flawed, but in the essential matters of the clergy sex abuse crisis, the report was simply naming the truth that has been apparent to so many for a very long time.

In January, Francis announced that the commission will be housed in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, but the commission is yet to be officially constituted. We know Francis can act fast when he wants to. He must act faster on this issue.   ……

Déjà Vu: The Vatican’s Cover-Ups Continue  –

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that the Vatican is not trying to remedy the problem. After all, it has released some limited information. Officials from the Vatican condemn the U.N. report, saying that it gives a “distorted picture” and does not cover “a series of changes for the protection of children.” I believe that is unequivocally true.

But although the Episcopal of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome submitted a report on abuse in 1994, it didn’t provide any progress reports until 2012 and that was only after the explosion of reported child abuses cases throughout Europe around 2010.

The bottom line is that the Church is not doing nearly enough to remedy the problem and consequently putting children at risk. They are knowingly leaving some rapists in positions of power within their churches, and such negligence is completely unacceptable.

Pope to prelates: no intrigue, favouritism, gossip  –


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