Startseite > Blogroll > Sind die Papst-Initiativen eine reine PR-Aktion – huffingtonpost

Sind die Papst-Initiativen eine reine PR-Aktion – huffingtonpost

Sind die Papst-Initiativen eine reine PR-Aktion – huffingtonpost


Vatican misled UN committee on compensation to Magdalene women – irishtimes

Claims made by the Vatican in a submission to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) last December were so inaccurate, it prompted Minister for Justice Alan Shatter to write to Rome seeking clarification, The Irish Times has learned.

The Vatican asserted to the UNCRC that the four religious congregations that ran Magdalene laundries in Ireland were willing to pay part of a compensation scheme developed by the State for women who had been in the laundries. However, two of the religious congregations concerned have since repeated their unwillingness to contribute to any compensation scheme for the women. …..

The Pope’s Anti-Abuse Commission: Action or PR Stunt? |huffingtonpost

Perhaps if Pope Francis is really serious about tackling the problem of sex abuse in his Church, he should consider handing over all the paperwork and names of known abusers to authorities and letting outside panels with no ties to the Church make suggestions and progress in bringing justice and solving the abuse issue, instead of keeping it a private inside job.  ……

Did Vatican deceive UN panel ? – snap

Irish minister Alan Shatter is seeking clarification from the Vatican for their misleading statements before a United Nations panel about the Magdalene laundries. We are disappointed, but not surprised by both the Vatican’s deception and the nuns‘ unchanged refusal to help victims.

We doubt there’s any „miscommunication“ here. Catholic officials often say whatever they want in order to get out of a jam or fix, and when caught being misleading, they claim there was some kind of mix up. We hope the UN panel will denounce Vatican officials for being misleading. And we hope this negatively publicity will prompt the Vatican to be truthful and transparent.  ……


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