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Höchste Zeit Papst Franziskus zu beurteilen –

Höchste Zeit Papst Franziskus zu beurteilen –

It’s time to judge Pope Francis –

Dowd is referring to German Cardinal Gerhard Müller’s recent criticism of the largest group of American nuns, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. They had been planning to honor Fordham theologian Sister Elizabeth Johnson, who has been critical of the inferior position of women in the church. As Dowd wrote: “Last year Pope Francis said he would let the Vatican’s coercive reform of the nuns’ group continue. And this past week, he was silent following Müller’s mauling of the nuns.”

For all of the goodwill Pope Francis has fostered, people are starting to wonder how much of this is about style and how much of this is about real substance. How different will the church really be after Pope Francis’ papacy? Will it be reformed in a way that is relevant for the 21st Century? Will the church continue to deny leadership roles to women, disregarding all of the talent and experience nuns have?

And will it remain obsessed with the sex lives of the dwindling number of folks in the pews? (This after years and years of ignoring the sex lives of its priests.)  It’s time for parishioners to judge Pope Francis on issues of real substance.

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