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Pius XII – Ein verdammter Heiliger ? – Aleteia

Pius XII – Ein verdammter Heiliger ? 

The Black Legend of Pius XII – Aleteia

The best-known work about Pius remains John Cornwell’s 1999 bestseller Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII. On the book’s final page, Cornwell not only declares the controversy over, but removes Pius from consideration for sainthood: “Having come to the end of my own journey through the life and times of Pacelli, I am convinced that the cumulative verdict of history shows him to be not a saintly exemplar for future generations, but a deeply flawed human being from whom Catholics, and our relations with other religions, can best profit by expressing sincere regret.”  …….

viaThe Black Legend of Pius XII – Aleteia.



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