Startseite > Blogroll > Die ‚Verteidigungsorganisation‘ NATO gefährdet den Weltfrieden | The Japan Times

Die ‚Verteidigungsorganisation‘ NATO gefährdet den Weltfrieden | The Japan Times

Die ‚Verteidigungsorganisation‘ NATO gefährdet den Weltfrieden | The Japan Times

US driven EU doctrin:  Keep UK in, Russia out and Germany down.

NATO is endangering Earth | The Japan Times.

Have NATO leaders created a crisis to justify NATO’s continuation after its original purpose expired?

Former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul says: “Without U.S.-sponsored ‘regime change,’ it is unlikely that … the Malaysian Airlines crash would have happened.” Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, wonders why Washington is risking war with Russia. John Mearsheimer argues the Ukraine crisis Is the West’s fault.

William Pfaff, writing in these pages, agrees: the United States started the Ukraine crisis, which “may end in a war.”

Jan Oberg of Sweden’s Transnational Foundation holds NATO “at least 80%” responsible. Seumas Milne of The Guardian concurs: The EU “sparked this crisis” and NATO, far from “keeping the peace … has been the cause of escalating tension and war.”

An alliance forged against the existential Soviet threat successfully deterred the enemy without firing a shot. But then it waged war on Serbia which had not attacked any member state, contemptuous of a defeated, diminished and impotent Russia.

Kosovo’s forcible detachment from Serbia in 1999 was the prelude to taking on a more diffuse peace-maintenance role that saw NATO’s geographical reach expand to Eastern Europe, Afghanistan and Libya. If now it is taking on decidedly imperialist hues, are all members happy to endorse the transmutation?

One does not know whether to admire the chutzpah or weep at the strategic stupidity, including reversing the Nixon-Kissinger brilliance of detaching China from Russia, of today’s Western leaders. The facts are easily ascertainable from public sources, the double standards obvious, the hypocrisy brazen, and the Russian response was entirely predictable.  …..

Last November, Putin was willing to accept Ukraine having formal economic association with both Russia and the EU, but the latter insisted that Kiev choose one or the other. President Viktor Yanukovych chose Russia, and the rest is history. Unfortunately the price of the ongoing rise in global tensions and any resulting war will be paid not just by the West but the rest of the world as well.

NATO is endangering Earth | The Japan Times.

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