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Warum Pastoren Sex und Betrug mögen – News24 Nigeria

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Warum Pastoren Sex und Betrug mögen – News24 Nigeria

Why pastors love sex and cheating | News24 Nigeria.

Durban – Earlier this week a video showing well renowned pastor and popular motivational speaker in South Africa, Sthembiso Zondo in the nude, went viral on social media.

The recorded video, taken by a woman sitting in front of him, shows the unmarried Pastor Zondo talking on his phone, while pacing up and down around the lounge in front of a woman sitting on a couch, the video shows the pastor wearing nothing, using his hand to rub his penis, twice.

Divorced Zondo is the founder and senior pastor of Soul Renaissance Ministries Durban, South Africa, established in 2001. He also founded Zero-to-Hero, an NGO whose objective is to preach the gospel of hope.

This is indeed a very sad story seeing that Pastor Zondo influences millions of people and is ranked as one of the most influential pastors in South Africa. The new rockstars in town are definitely pastors, they command respect, attention, drive state-of-the art cars, they are always on TV and radio and wear designer clothes.

One statistic in a book shows that 33% of pastors have crossed the line with a woman not their spouse but have not been caught. That is an alarming number. More and more pastors are cheating on God and cheating on their spouses – married and unmarried.    …….

via Why pastors love sex and cheating | News24 Nigeria.

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