Startseite > Blogroll > “Skydevil” A.Lubitz, ein deutscher, religiöser Breivic ? – Staatsanwalt Marseilles untersucht noch – Telegraph

“Skydevil” A.Lubitz, ein deutscher, religiöser Breivic ? – Staatsanwalt Marseilles untersucht noch – Telegraph

Deutsche Behörden lt Medien konzentrierten sich auf den seelischen Zustand des Co-Piloten, nicht auf das Umfeld des Piloten. Skepsis und der Schutz von Lufthansa und Pilotenstand befanden sich im Vordergrund.

„Skydevil“ Lubitz. Das stark religiöse, familiäre Umfeld spielte bisher keine Rolle in den Untersuchungen. „Media outlets studiously ignore the elephant in the room“ heißt es an anderer Stelle. ( skydevil = Himmelsteufel )

“Skydevil” A.Lubitz, ein deutscher, religiöser Breivic? Staatsanwalt Marseilles untersucht noch – Telegraph

Pastor Michael Dietrich (AP). He spoke to The Associated Press after holding a church service on Sunday to commemorate the crash victims and support their families. „The co-pilot, the family belong to our community, and we stand by this, and we embrace them and will not hide this, and want to support the family in particular,“ the pastor said. He added that there is no direct contact with the family at the moment, but that he believes they are receiving good assistance.

French prosecutors have not questioned the family yet „out of decency and respect for their pain,“ Brice Robin, the Marseille prosecutor, said.

The pastor of a Lutheran church in Andreas Lubitz’s hometown has vowed to stand by the Germanwings co-pilot, who is suspected of crashing a passenger plane into the French Alps. Pastor Michael Dietrich claims he knew the 27-year-old since he was a teenager, when he attended religious education.  …

(Lubitz girlfriend) Her reported fears come despite a pastor from the Lutheran church in Montabaur insisting the community stands with Lubitz and his family.

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